You worry about your teen. Now more than ever, teens are faced with fulfilling many different roles and expectations. You see them juggling the stresses and pressures of friendships, school work, extracurriculars and planning for their future. You see them pull away and isolate, hinting at their feelings of hopelessness and depression. They get pushed easily to the brink and react explosively when feeling overwhelmed or anxious. You see your teen constantly enveloped in worry, avoiding activities and friends, losing confidence and doubting their self worth. Complaining of stomach aches, headaches and missing days of school.Every year, 20-30% of teens report having experienced depression or anxiety which impeded their ability to focus at school, engage in healthy relationships, complete daily tasks and take steps toward building their future. Your teen is not alone. 

Living a life full of demands and little down time has left them feeling drained, isolated and overwhelmed. They find themselves feeling empty, restless, worried, exhausted and on edge. They have difficulty concentrating and have lost pleasure in the things that once ignited their passions. You may notice that your teen has lost or gained weight, is sleeping too much or too little, experiences frequent aches and pains and has lost their overall drive and motivation. You wonder if you’ll ever see your teen be able to balance school, home and social life successfully. Your head is swirling with fear about their future and you question every move they make. Your teen doesn’t have to keep living like this. You can help give them the tools to shift moods, restore confidence and embrace challenges.

 You can feel confident in knowing that you are enabling your teen to take the courageous first steps toward living life as their healthiest, most confident self.

I specialize in working with teens who are working to make sense of their past, accept their present and cultivate their future. Through years of experience, I am confident that no problem is too great to overcome. With therapy, there is always a way to address the issues they face and learn strategies to help them move toward the changes you want to see come to fruition in their life.

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